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Latania Johnson, the author to Ten Ways to Become Your Best Version, was born on September 7th, 1981, to Patricia Johnson and Carl Johnson. She grew up in Harvey, IL.

A Single-Minded

Her parents have been married for 46 years. Latania’s Father worked in 3 jobs in the management field to support his wife and 5 children.

About The Author

Latania’s mother worked as a part-time cook and a Nursing aid while taking care of the family. One can say that her parent’s struggle made her all the more hardy and stronger.

Latania Johnson is the youngest of all her siblings. With three sisters and a brother, there were always some people to help her grow up as her own person. A sister to Marie Reynolds, Cynthia Johnson, and Mary Camper, and her brother, Carl Johnson, the Johnson family was always in a sort of chaos, the kind that children naturally bring with them. It is a good kind of chaos. She loved spending time with her family and played family games such as Dominoes, Spades, Bid whist, Yard Darts, Horseshoes, Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis. Not the most difficult childhood for someone that is supposed to have written a self-motivational book, but that only makes her experiences all the more effective. Latania Johnson started working at the age of 12 as a babysitter for her family. When Latania turned 16, she started working as a cashier at Alpha Gyros. Working so early in her life, she learned what it means to truly be a self-motivational figure. Once she reached 18, she started working for a company called UGN in Chicago, IL, where she began as a machine operator and became a group leader. Latania Gave birth to her only child, Destiny A. King, at the age of 19. Latania switched jobs and started working at Hubbell Electrical Distribution in South Holland. Latania started as a Cherry Picker, Forklift Driver, Reach Trucker, Pacer, and EPJ Operator. As time grew, Latania later became a Trainer, Clerical Clerk, and Team Leader.

While knowing about the author Latania Johnson, a time came in her life when she decided that it was time for a change. She went back to school to get her degree in Business and Management. During her time at school, she was offered a job as an onsite manager at Prologistix. Latania supervised up to 269 employees while taking care of all her employee needs and payroll. Latania decided, with all the knowledge she learned from the previous jobs, that it was time for her to be her own boss. Latania Is currently engaged to Kenya Manson, and they have been together for 13 years. Kenya Manson has 3 children Tjuan Gray, Qiara Manson, Kenya Manson Jr, and 1 grandchild Royal Gray. Latania took Kenya Kids in and loved them as her own. Latania is an extremely high spiritual person and loves to uplift everyone. She realized all the things that are going on in this world tend to change us, and that we all need to become a better version of ourselves to make the world a better place to live. Latania Johnson has done an incredible job writing a book with the title “10 Ways to Become Your Best Version”. She has provided self help and a semblance of self motivation to all people by providing them with 10 ways to become better. These 10 ways are a hope for many people. Moreover a source of inspiration for a lot of them to bring a positive change in their life.

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